Showtime (2024) Season 1 Hindi Web Series

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Get ready to delve into the shocking secrets, power struggles at the top, and drama that goes behind the showbiz, glitz and glamour of the thriving Bollywood industry.

S-01 Complete

Even the purest Bollywood guys all together cudnt proper Bollywood movie ….
With all those real Bollywood cameos didn’t really add any spice to this plain rice …. Emraan is the only one trying hard to make this work … I don’t know what rajeev mouni and sriya are doing in show… so many writers directors I guess no one is interested … I guess the reality of the show is in writers and directors who hardly show any talent nowadays … not a single scene, dialogue, performance stood out … no one can dare to see this show again and what a pathetic boring irritating performance by lead actress who plays nandi…. Dull …
Ott when is made with so much censorship which showing deep reality deep politics of Bollywood is plain turn off … 2 3 curse words per episode to have its adult …. The convincing dialogues by nandi to any star to get them in movies were so dull … dint work at all … reels do more justice to scenes than that … Karan Johar normally doesn’t interfere when he is just producer here he was needed to ….

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Genre: Drama

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