Cookie Policy

Cookies help us remember you and by this, we show you those things more which we feel are your favorite, based on your past activities and preferences. They create a personalized set of choices for a better experience with us.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are nothing but a very small text file of a simple Java Program, which is transferred to your system or mobile when you access the website. They are used to remember the information so that you need not to furnish it repeatedly. They help you to be signed-in across different devices and help us understand how peoples are using our services so that we can improve them accordingly. Several types of cookies are there dedicated for gathering different information.

How we use Cookies? uses cookies only for the following purpose: • To analyze your usage of the site and content • Giving you a better and personalized experience • Recognizing when you have commented with which ID • Performance cookies are used to ensure that whether the website is performing properly or is there any error which requires to be fixed. The cookies cannot scan your computer or mobile or read any data available there. They cannot even facilitate any malware/Trojan to get into the system. Third-party cookies like those transferred by the ad-servers perform in the same way to provide the ads which you have shown interest earlier. But the privacy and cookie policy of those companies are not as governed by To ensure their practices one is required to check their cookies policy.

What happens when third-party cookies are blocked?

Blocking them might result in disturbed performance of the website and you may face some problem with your account.

How to change the cookies settings?

Some essential features of the website might not work properly without cookies and having cookies completely switched off may affect the way you enjoy our services. “Strictly Necessary Cookies’- for proper functioning, are on by default in web browsers and can be turned off in the browser settings. ‘Functional cookies’ -giving you a personalized experience and easy access and the ‘Performance Cookies’- checking website performance, can be turned on or off there. Third-party cookies option can also be changed accordingly.