Jab_Mila_Tu_2024_Hindi_Season 01

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When Maddy and Aneri find themselves sharing a home, things get chaotic . With Mint and Jigar joining the mix, their journey becomes a whirl wind of unpredictable adventures and camaraderie.

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Talking about the 1st four episodes that r out…I really liked the concept and story and the presentation of story and the way actors are performing is also incredible…Mohsin as Maddy is great to watch as he is totally justifying the character and the emotion…Eisha as Aneri is such a dhakad girl n she is really doin g a great job…Alisha as Mint is really amazing to watvch and Pratick as Jigar is fun to watch…Just loved the way they r carrying the show with so much comedy and intense flashbacks that are making viewer excited to watch…hoping for so much fun and entertainment from upcomming episodes as many layers are yet to open.

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Genre: Romance

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