The Indrani Mukerjea Story (2024) Season 1 Hindi Web Series

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Featuring new revelations and unprecedented access, this docuseries digs into the disappearance of 25-year-old Sheena Bora and the shocking aftermath.

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Can’t understand how shameless a criminal can be.

Indrani Seems to be a high class narcissist.

Poor Sheena only betrayed by her own.

Comes across as an exceptionally astute liar and a social climber.

I was surprised she is made out to be celebrity but is a cold blooded murderer. And please it has nothing to do with the stereotypical oh because she is ambitious she is a gold digger.

But if you look in her eyes she comes across as a soulless vapid person.

I am pretty sure she lied all her life to get away with things.

Netflix could have done this better. She is not innocent until proven guilty.

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