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Anushka is a sharp but ethical lawyer who works with Virat, her ambitious colleague, in her father’s law firm. Their lives change as Ankita joins as an intern, concealing a hidden agenda under the guise of a job opportunity.

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Karan and Jennifer together is worthy enough to watch anything in the world.

Karan is love. Show is amazing too. Anu and Virat are on fire…..
Hope it will get all the love…
Court drama with amazing caste is all you need for a good show .

Jennifer is my all time favourite. And karan is my childhood crush.

I want some steamy romance between anu and Virat.

All first five episodes are good paced still I want some more drama in it
Anu virat are star crossed lover.

Jennifer is sexy as lawyer & Reem is okaish too.

Karan is love.

Only I’m Missing is old school mushy mushy romance else everything is really good.

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Genre: Drama

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