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Malavika, who comes to the village of Perilloor to find love with her boyfriend Sreekuttan, unexpectedly ends up becoming the village Panchayat President against her will.

S-01 Complete

It is a webseries with seven episodes and the main casts are Sunny Wayne, Vijayaraghavan, Ashokan and Nikhila Vimal. It is totally a fun film and you will get many moments to sit and laugh.

The plot of the movie is very simple and easy to understand. If you like movies Kunjiramayanam, Vellimoonga, etc you will like this too. Vijayaraghavan as a fake politician, Ashokan as an opposition leader, Nikhila as the Panchayat President, did their job nicely. However as per my personal opinion Nikhila is not upto the mark for performing comedy roles.

The Thiruvanam Babu is a another laughing elements😂. The story of some innocent people in a village is clearly portrayed in the screen very efficiently and neatly.

Cameraman did a good job, Director and music is also nice. I am sure the production will not cost more as it is a simple set.

You will like this and I recommend you to watch it.

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Genre: Comedy

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