Snakehead 2021

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Snakehead is a 2021 American crime drama action-thriller film edited, produced, written and directed by Evan Jackson Leong and starring Shuya Chang, Jade Wu and Sung Kang. The film premiered in the Discovery section at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival.


After her jail sentence was commuted and the custody of her only daughter Rosie was lost, Tse travels to New York via human smuggler known as “Snakehead”, in hopes of reuniting with her. Coming from Taiwan, Sister Tse pays a smuggler a $50,000 fee for her passage to New York. Upon arrival, she heads to Dai Mah, a brothel owner, who demands her to repay her $57,000. Because she doesn’t have such money, she needs to gain favor from the matriarch of the crime family and rise through ranks quickly. Her success, however, does come at a cost. Throughout her stay in America, she will endure harsh mistreatment by men, while working in a brothel. After reimbursing Dai Mah, as well as beating up one of her customers and killing Dai Mah’s pimp, she heads to find Rosie, who, as she later learns from Rosie herself, was subsequently adopted by a New York couple.

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Genre: Action, Crime

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