Irish Wish 2024

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Irish Wish 2024 Hindi Dubbed Full Movie

“Irish Wish” (2024) is a delightful romantic comedy that transports viewers to the picturesque landscapes of Ireland. Directed by Janeen Damian and written by Kirsten Hansen, this heartwarming film stars Lindsay Lohan in a captivating role.


Plot Summary:

  • Maddie Kelly (played by Lindsay Lohan) finds herself in a bittersweet situation: the love of her life is about to marry her best friend.
  • Determined to put her feelings aside, Maddie agrees to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in Ireland.
  • However, fate takes an unexpected turn when Maddie makes a spontaneous wish on an ancient stone for true love.
  • The next morning, she wakes up as the bride-to-be! Her dream seems to be coming true, but there’s a twist.
  • As the wedding day approaches, Maddie realizes that her real soulmate might be someone entirely different.

Top Cast:

  • Lindsay Lohan as Maddie Kelly
  • Ed Speleers as James Thomas
  • Alexander Vlahos as Paul Kennedy
  • Other notable cast members include Ayesha CurryJane Seymour, and Dakota Lohan.


  • “Be Careful Who You Wish For.”


  • Lindsay Lohan’s character, Maddie, meets a mysterious lady at a magic stone—a nod to Lindsay’s previous films like “Just My Luck” (2006) and “Freaky Friday” (2003).
  • The film features the stunning Lough Tay, where the wishing chair is located. Interestingly, this real location is in Ballinasloe, Co. Wicklow, which is over three hours away from where the main story takes place in Westport, Co. Mayo.
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