Story of the Ratatouille 2007

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Ratatouille (2007) – The Complete Story


“Ratatouille” is a heartwarming animated comedy-drama film produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Brad Bird, the film tells the tale of a young rat named Remy who dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Set in Paris, the film follows Remy’s unlikely alliance with Alfredo Linguini as they strive to achieve their culinary dreams.

Plot Summary

The film begins with Remy, a rat with an extraordinary sense of taste and smell, living in the French countryside. Unlike other rats, Remy despises scavenging for garbage and dreams of becoming a chef. His idol is the late Auguste Gusteau, a famous chef whose motto is “Anyone can cook.”

One day, Remy’s family is discovered by the elderly woman living in the farmhouse. In the chaos that ensues, Remy is separated from his family and ends up in Paris. There, he stumbles upon Gusteau’s restaurant, now struggling after the chef’s death. Remy is thrilled to find himself in the heart of the culinary world.

At the restaurant, Remy meets Linguini, a clumsy garbage boy who accidentally ruins a pot of soup. Remy secretly helps Linguini by controlling his movements from under his chef’s hat. Linguini becomes an overnight sensation, and the restaurant’s fortunes change. However, Linguini must keep Remy’s involvement a secret.

As Remy and Linguini work together, they face challenges. The restaurant’s harsh critic, Anton Ego, arrives for a review. Remy prepares a ratatouille (a traditional French vegetable stew) that transports Ego back to his childhood and earns the restaurant a glowing review.

But Linguini’s love interest, Colette, discovers Remy’s secret. She initially disapproves but eventually joins their team. Together, they create exquisite dishes, and Linguini rises to fame.


The climax occurs during a grand dinner at the restaurant. Linguini’s true identity as Gusteau’s son is revealed, and the restaurant’s reputation is at stake. Remy’s family also arrives, and they must work together to save the restaurant.


In a thrilling finale, Remy and Linguini prepare a special dish for Ego: ratatouille. Ego is moved by the flavors and memories it evokes. He writes a heartfelt review, praising the restaurant and acknowledging Remy’s talent.

The restaurant thrives, and Remy reconciles with his family. Linguini and Colette continue their relationship, and Remy becomes the restaurant’s official chef. The film ends with Remy’s motto: “Anyone can cook.”


“Ratatouille” explores themes of passion, following one’s dreams, and breaking societal norms. It celebrates the idea that talent can come from unexpected places and that anyone, even a rat, can achieve greatness.


“Ratatouille” is a delightful film that combines humor, heart, and mouthwatering visuals. It reminds us that sometimes the most extraordinary adventures begin with the simplest ingredients.

So, if you haven’t watched “Ratatouille” yet, grab some popcorn and enjoy this heartwarming culinary adventure! 🍽️🐭🎥

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